Announcement of Janet Albrechtsen as Chairman of the IPA

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16 May 2019
Announcement of Janet Albrechtsen as Chairman of the IPA - Featured image

An email sent to IPA Members by Rod Kemp on May 15th, 2019

Dear IPA Members,

After almost 11 years as Chairman of the Institute of Public Affairs, I have decided to step down at the end of this financial year.

I would like to thank my fellow Directors for their support, guidance and commitment to the IPA.

I am delighted to be able to inform you that Dr Janet Albrechtsen will be the new Chairman of the Institute of Public Affairs.

The appointment of Janet as IPA Chairman was the unanimous decision of the IPA Board of Directors, and I can think of no better person in Australia to take on this role. Janet has been an IPA Director since 2015. Janet has been an outstanding advocate for freedom for many years.

Perth-based Director of the IPA, Harold Clough AO OBE CitWA, has also made the decision to step down from the Board after 27 years of service. Hal’s commitment to the philosophy of liberalism and freedom is exceptional. He is a great Australian and I am honoured to have served on the IPA Board of Directors with him.

I am also delighted to say another wonderful supporter of freedom in the West, Rebecca Clough, has joined the Board. Rebecca is uniquely qualified to support the IPA to continue to grow the voice for freedom in Australia. Rebecca has worked closely with our friends at Mannkal Economic Education Foundation. Rebecca is an outstanding addition to the IPA Board of Directors and a shining light for our values for freedom and individual liberty.

In my time as Chairman since 2008 the IPA has grown significantly, thanks to the support of our members and donors.

It has been a great pleasure to work with John Roskam, Executive Director, who has provided outstanding leadership to the Institute. John has recruited a very talented group of young men and women who effectively prosecute the case for human freedom, the dignity of work, the values of free enterprise and the principles of Western Civilisation.

The IPA is as strong now as at any time in our 75-year history.

At a time when the IPA is needed more than ever the IPA is in the next exciting stage of its development. Our program with young people, the IPA’s Generation Liberty, is vital to help secure freedom for future generations.

Thank you for your support of the Institute of Public Affairs, and of me personally. It is an honour to have met so many wonderful people standing up for freedom during my time at the Institute.

Best wishes for the future,
Rod Kemp


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