The Young IPA Podcast Episode 122 – with Matthew Lesh and Henry Spinks

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15 August 2019
The Young IPA Podcast Episode 122 – with Matthew Lesh and Henry Spinks - Featured image

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Australia is finally having a free speech inquiry but it’s more narrow than we’d like, a ban on $10,000 cash payments proves the government hasn’t heard of cryptocurrency and QANTAS abandons environmentalism now that it might hurt sales. James and Adam from So Fox discuss all that then get into Heroes and Villains of the week, including Sarah Silverman and Gwent Police saying they’ll investigate jokes. James speaks to IPA Adjunct Fellow Matthew Lesh about free speech on Australian campuses, the influence of the Confucius Centres and the response from universities to Hong Kong protests. James then speaks to Henry Spinks, a young entrepreneur who had the government shut down his chauffer business with red tape, about his story. At the end, James and Adam discuss the movie Trump got cancelled, the Green MP in the UK that forgot to include minorities in her proposal for an all-female anti-Brexit cabinet and Adam reflects on his time in Pete’s chair before James hosts another round of our new quiz Hey…What Did We Miss with Renee Gorman up against returning challenger Gideon Rozner.


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