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The Rimac Nevera costs a cool A$3.1 million. Photo: Bugatti Rimac

Electric vehicles are fun but expensive and not the sole future of motoring or a climate change solution, writes marketing expert John Kananghinis. The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution is about to hit. Or is it? Full disclosure: I am a lifelong... Read more
Fruit pickers are in short supply. Source: Greater Shepparton City Council and Fruit Growers Australia seasonal worker attraction campaign

Australia’s worker shortage can be addressed through no-regret policies that increase labour supply, writes IPA Research Fellow Saxon Davidson. Australia is currently facing an unprecedented worker shortage, and the Albanese government is... Read more
Surveying the stock, Roma Saleyards, Queensland. Photo: Chris Fithall/Flickr

Taking the Global Methane Pledge will harm Australia’s economy and have no impact on climate change, argues Professor Emeritus of Government Aynsley Kellow. I recently described climate policy by drawing on Scottish author Charles Mackay’s... Read more