IPA Review – Spring 2021

Book Reviews

Adam Wakeling

Freedom Writ Large

Zachary Gorman’s study of Magna Carta explains the historical context for societies defending their freedoms, writes historian Adam Wakeling. On 13 November 1945, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee assured the US Congress not to fear his recently-elected Labour Government. “We, in the Labour Party, declare that we are in line with those who fought for Magna Carta, habeas corpus, with
Phillip Tolliday

Borders Are Back

The many new borders drawn recently make a mockery of rhetoric about a world without boundaries, argues theologian Phillip Tolliday. ‘Papers, please.’ In my imagination I connect this request to a scene from one of those Cold War movies. A long line of people, some anxious, many cold and shivering—because the scene in my mind is always cold and drizzly—all
Ian Hore-Lacy

Cold Hard Facts

Real science rather than ‘The Science’ would provide a more accurate perspective of climate change, writes scientist and nuclear power advocate Ian Hore-Lacy. In a sense, the title and strapline says it all! This book stresses the importance of rigorous and ethical science which is scrutinised and challenged rather than being allowed to furbish a narrative of ‘The Science’ of
Zachary Gorman

Shattering Myths Of Federation

A new book’s argument that Federation was driven by self-interest and the result deeply flawed is a long-overdue corrective, writes historian of Australian politics, Zachary Gorman. For 120 years the story of Australia’s Federation has been told with an overwhelmingly positive tone. While it has never truly captured the public’s imagination—as testified by the fact a national advertising campaign had

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