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Historian Alex Ryrie expounds Martin Luther’s profound influence on the modern world but also explains Protestantism can’t take all the credit for the rise of tolerance and freedom, writes Richard Allsop. Without Protestants, the story of... Read more

The failure of the Vatican under Pope Francis to stand up for persecuted Catholics and Catholic beliefs is a grave threat to Catholicism and all Catholics, argues Fr James Grant. The communist assault on the Catholic Church was unrelenting for... Read more

Quentin Letts letting loose delivers a cathartic read even though some stray punches strike the wrong targets, writes Gideon Rozner. As countries throughout the West buckle under the disconnect between the political class and the mainstream, the... Read more

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised ‘a thoroughly Liberal Government’ … but instead it was a thorough disappointment, argues Simon Breheny. In the years and decades to come, it is hard to know precisely what Prime Minister Malcolm... Read more

China’s ‘Social Credit’ system gives people a score that determines their social standing. People with higher scores, which is influenced by decisions and actions they make, get better treatment in life through better hotels and transport than... Read more

Public figures harm free speech when they resort to defamation law, argues libertarian lawyer Matthew S. Widmaier. Earlier this year, two lawsuits were filed against Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) for its ham-fisted handling of the... Read more

In August 2018 Scott Morrison replaced Malcom Turnbull as Prime Minister, and in September Herald-Sun cartoonist Mark Knight sparked an international media storm with his caricature of tennis great, Serena Williams. Only time will tell which was the... Read more