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‘We have just witnessed the political funeral of Ronald Reagan’ opined Tom Pettit of NBC on a night in January 1980 when Reagan lost the Iowa caucuses to George Bush. It was only a narrow loss, but it was a bad one. Reagan should have had a... Read more

Whether you are an active Christian, or someone who recognises the central role that Christianity plays in forming and sustaining western values, the fragility of our current churches continues to evoke deep angst and concern. This trend should make... Read more

In politics, the range of ideas that the public will accept is known as the Overton Window. Ideas from outside the window can shift the public discourse, changing what people think of as normal. The same is true for behaviour. People’s conduct... Read more

Across the United States, governments at all levels participated in the segregation and consequent impoverishment of African Americans. For 100 years, from the end of the Reconstruction period following the Civil War to the 1970s, federal, state,... Read more

The debt debate is over with the political class, writes Professor Sinclair Davidson. Recently on The Bolt Report Michael Kroger—former IPA director and now Victorian Liberal Party president—made the point that it was a great pity that the... Read more

At the core of our liberal democracy is the understanding that we are all equal. The spread of identity politics across Australia and the West, however, directly undermines this by seeking different rules for different groups of people. Rather than... Read more

 Despite doubts about his age, intellect, and political philosophy, Ronald Reagan’s message of hope won him the presidency, writes Richard Allsop. ‘We have just witnessed the political funeral of Ronald Reagan’ opined Tom Pettit of NBC on... Read more

 A new book, supposedly on the global decline of liberalism, amounts to a thinly veiled diatribe against Donald Trump, writes Morgan Begg. It is a tired cliché that 2016 was a big year in politics. The established way of doing politics was... Read more

 Dunkirk the film is the latest framing of a long-told story, writes Gary Sturgess. Human beings are coded for narrative: it is how we make sense of the world. The psychologist, Donald Polkinghorne argued that ‘the self is ultimately nothing... Read more

 A new book reveals how prime aged American men are leaving the workforce. Gideon Rozner shines a light on a similar invisible underclass here in Australia. Forget what you’ve heard— in the land down under fewer and fewer of us are men at... Read more

Identity politics threatens our liberal democracy, writes Andrew Bushnell and Daniel Wild. The idea that Indigenous Australians should have a separate voice in our Parliament, the push to make Australia Day a representation of our divisions... Read more