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Dear Mr DiCaprio, We would like to invite you to be a Messenger for Peace with the UN. We feel you would be an excellent ambassador for this role for the following reasons: COMMITMENT TO HUMAN RIGHTS After watching Blood Diamond, we at the UN... Read more

The abundance of information available to us today would have been unimaginable to people living only twenty years ago. Previous generations found themselves bound to a restricted group of information channels and distribution networks, which were... Read more

‘Herodotus’, Tom Holland writes, ‘is the most entertaining of historians. Indeed, he is as entertaining as anyone who has ever written—historian or not.’ A bold claim though this may be, it cannot be denied that Herodotus’ work has... Read more

An important contribution to the debate about Australia’s future prosperity, The Australian Century—a new book by former Institute of Public Affairs Research Fellow Asher Judah—sets out a roadmap that will ensure we remain a key economic and... Read more

Are there any circumstances where ‘good’ anarchy can outperform ‘poor’ government? Peter Leeson’s new book Anarchy Unbound: Why Self-Governance Works Better Than You Think is the latest political analysis of anarchy— that is, where... Read more

One generally expects a book about the First World War to commence its narrative at, or before, 1914. Adam Tooze starts his book The Deluge in 1916—or to be more precise, on the morning of Christmas Day in 1915 with a speech in Glasgow by British... Read more

Australians are overwhelmingly supportive of the idea that all children should have access to quality education regardless of family income. Australians are committed to the ideals of publicly funded education and accept that it contributes to the... Read more

In the May 2014 budget, the Abbott government proposed a ‘radical’ reform package of the Australian university system. If it were implemented, domestic students would have to pay a greater share of the costs of their own education. Judging... Read more

Julie Bishop recently stated that she did not consider herself a feminist as she didn’t find the term meaningful today. Bishop was roundly criticised by feminists who found it disappointing that Bishop didn’t understand how important feminism... Read more

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, members of the IPA. My remarks will centre around five main points: scale; electricity, wealth and freedom; coal; the big fib; and how iteration means innovation. SCALE Since 1985, Thailand has increased its... Read more

In 1948 a correspondent self-described as ‘a common worker’, wrote to the IPA Review: For God’s sake do not waste any more good ink and paper writing about Incentives, Profit-sharing, Amenities, Co-operation, Price Control, Inflation and... Read more