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This article by John Lloyd first appeared in the April 2019 edition of the IPA Review. ACTU Secretary Sally McManus told the ALP National Conference on 18 December 2018 that the trade union movement “was the early warning system for this... Read more

This article by Augusto Zimmermann first appeared in the April 2019 edition of the IPA Review. When in late 2018 the Federal Minister for Education, Dan Tehan, commissioned Robert French to undertake an inquiry into “Freedom of Speech in... Read more

The growing vibrancy of Sydney and Melbourne will keep underwriting Australia’s growing prosperity well into the 21st century, provided bureaucrats don’t strangle our cities with red tape. So says John Carroll, Emeritus Professor of Sociology... Read more

Are cyclists human? This question has moved from the lips of SUV drivers to the minds of researchers from Monash University, QUT and the University of Melbourne, who put together their magnum opus, Dehumanization of cyclists predicts self-reported... Read more

An excellent biography finally provides an opportunity to fairly evaluate Billy McMahon's legacy, argues IPA Senior Fellow Richard Allsop. An argument can be made for Saturday, 2 December, 1972, being the highpoint of Billy McMahon’s Prime... Read more

Fed up fans sick of SJWs wrecking their beloved comic books have turned into superheroes valiantly fighting to save a much-loved pop culture institution, argues IPA Research Fellow Morgan Begg. Superheroes are almost omnipresent in our culture.... Read more