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Analysis of books circulating in 19th century Australia suggests a deep engagement with the ‘conservative enlightenment’, argues Chris Berg. How can we know how 19th century Australians thought about liberalism, economics and political... Read more

The simple solution to the burden of constant tax increases is for Australian governments to spend less, argues finance company director Dimitri Burshtein. Among the many theories of the development and origins of government, there is one theory... Read more

The quiet majority perturbed by the rise of victimhood culture need to speak out more often, writes sociologist Tiffany Jenkins. Shortly after midnight on Monday, 4 March 2013, a female student reported seeing someone dressed in a Ku Klux Klan... Read more

Nothing sets the scene for me in October quite like Halloween. I love nothing more than dressing up, throwing a few decorations around, and getting spooky. Which is why I was so happy to see the local government of Chesapeake, Virginia, get into... Read more

Staying signed on to the Paris Climate Agreement makes us look like a putz, or even a schmuck, argues IPA’s Director of Economics Daniel Wild. What word best describes the leaders of a nation who sign up to an international climate agreement... Read more

All the time we see Governments identifying problems and then coming up with really dumb solutions. More often though, the problem being addressed either has or is being solved, or its dimensions are wildly exaggerated. A cluster of problems the... Read more

A better understanding of postmodernism will help us counter this enigmatic enemy of liberal democracy, writes Professor Brad Bowden. Our society, along with other Western liberal democracies, is suffering a crisis of purpose and intellectual... Read more

Government meddling—not greed or deregulation—caused the GFC and 10 years on we’re no safer, warns Competitive Enterprise Institute policy analyst Daniel Press. This year marks a most unhappy tenth anniversary—the onset of the global... Read more