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Robert Harris’ fictional trilogy provides an incisive portrait of one of history’s literary giants—Marcus Tullius Cicero—and the turbulent times in which he lived, writes Stephanie Forrest. In a note at the beginning of his latest novel,... Read more

Many of Dani Rodrik’s arguments are standard defences of the economics discipline. What is new is the suggestion that economics can remain a science even if it does not follow the scientific method, explains Sinclair Davidson. Economists get no... Read more

This edition of the IPA Review focuses on our current political landscape—which has been somewhat unsteady of late. Th e tension within the Coalition federal government was put to rest with Malcolm Turnbull assuming the prime ministership in... Read more

In her new book, Naomi Klein sets up a false choice between the capitalism existing today, and a radically non-capitalist alternative, writes Oliver Waters. Naomi Klein’s influential new book argues that climate change will inevitably lead to... Read more

The censorious campaign by the far left to stifl e debate in the guise of promoting ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ has long passed being a joke and is now becoming a serious threat to free speech, writes James Bolt. Blurred Lines by Robin... Read more

This book arguably tells us more about the present than the future, and even more about today’s Labor Party, writes Arthur Chrenkoff . What do political young guns do these days to make themselves stand out from the crowd of their backbench... Read more

There are political lessons in Peter Garrett’s career, writes Simon Breheny. Talking about your earnest belief in principle is not enough to achieve change. Like many of my generation, I grew up listening to Midnight Oil. Australian rock... Read more

Very few individuals with the intellectual depth of Paul Hasluck have reached the highest levels of Australian politics, writes Dr Richard Allsop. There are two major ‘what ifs’ in Australian political history which relate to Paul Hasluck.... Read more

Parents deserve the right to choose which school best meets the needs of their children, writes Hannah Pandel. The war over school choice has been reignited and once again, opponents of market-based education reforms entirely miss the point. A... Read more

2015 was a Berlin Wall moment in the f ght against global poverty. To continue to view government funded foreign aid as the spearhead of the fight against poverty would be immoral, according to Peter Gregory. If you’re a follower of the IPA on... Read more

How can the Turnbull government’s innovation plans be a success when it’s too hard to even set up a lemonade stand? asks John Roskam The story of what happened to Chelsea-lee Downes reveals everything that’s wrong with Australia’s... Read more

A freedom lost is a freedom not so easily restored, writes Morgan Begg. Upon becoming prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull declared that the government he was to lead would be a ‘thoroughly Liberal government committed to freedom, the individual... Read more

Approved Halloween costumes at Yale University as determined by Next Yale After the controversy caused when Yale faculty member Erika Christakis said students should feel free to wear whatever Halloween costume they want, we here at student... Read more

 We are constantly looking for our origins, in the hope they will hint at our future. It should be a concern that few Australian universities offer British history to undergraduates, writes Chris Berg    Every country has national myths and... Read more