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Atitjere community AFLW grand final, November 2022. Photo: Plenty Highway SCFC/Facebook

The ideology of Aboriginal empowerment is doing far more harm than good—especially in dysfunctional remote communities, writes Gary Johns in this book extract. The problem with the empowerment thesis (apart from its falsity) is that … every... Read more

An economist’s research shows the benefits of well-managed migration programs, and the downside of open borders, writes IPA Executive Director Scott Hargreaves. This book is not specifically about Australian culture or our immigration policies,... Read more
Wivenhoe via Adrian Schrinner.

Queensland’s desalination plant provides a prime example of how caving in to the green lobby harms our society, the economy, and the environment, writes communication consultant Bruce Kingston. Water is often ignored because of its ubiquity,... Read more
satellite image of Argyle Homestead Museum via Google Earth

The IPA believes in the timeless values of freedom and the Australian way of life, but sometimes we have to put the focus on the very urgent and very important. Two extremely current issues are the Voice to Parliament, and the looming energy crisis... Read more
Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stockholm, August 2022. Photo: Jorge Franganillo

The Swedes proved an alleged crisis—whether COVID or, say, climate change—is no excuse for curtailing our freedom, argues public policy analyst Scott Prasser. Sweden—with its extensive government regulation and social engineering—used to... Read more
Coal Closures Dark Age

Recklessly closing more coal-fired power stations threatens to condemn Australians to a new dark age, argues IPA Research Fellow Kevin You. In April 2023 the Hunter Valley in New South Wales will lose an icon, which—for the last two... Read more