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Steve Jobs shows off the iPhone 4 in 2010.

The gap between Boomers and Millennials is as wide as the one between idealism and reality, writes IPA Membership Officer Claire Peter-Budge. Journalist and author Helen Andrews is already interesting as a self-proclaimed conservative in a very... Read more
Dorothea Mackellar silo art, Gunnedah NSW.

Our poets made a unique contribution to Australian nationhood, and on quality alone deserve to be celebrated, writes literary critic PETER CRAVEN. Australian poetry occupies a strange position in Australian literature which is in some ways... Read more
Dark clouds over housing

New homes in Australia cost more than they should, and banks have concentrated too much on home loans at the expense of business lending, argues former ANZ director John Dahlsen. The overheated housing market is a deep-seated problem that has... Read more
Chooz Nuclear Power Station, France.

Taking advantage of Australia’s huge uranium reserves to generate nuclear power is clearly our best path to prosperity and a better environment, argues communication and marketing expert John Kananghinis. If recent geopolitical events have not... Read more
photo of Sydney ferry Borrowdale by Bahnfrend/Wikimedia

Australia needs so many debates right now: national security, energy security, national curriculum, climate science, the cost of housing, and national debt, to name but a few. Mainstream Australians want these debates (and action), but those in... Read more