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IPA Review Autumn 2021

IPA Review – Autumn 2021

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Not On The Level

Climate science is all at sea if the ‘experts’ won’t admit what they simply don’t know, argues journalist and Norfolk Island resident Susan Prior. If you want to gain some perspective on life, the globe and our place in it, there’s no... Read more
Our Most Sacred Day

This article from the Autumn 2021 edition of the IPA Review is written by theologian and historian, John Moses. That there is something undeniably religious about Anzac Day ceremonies should not surprise the attentive reader and politically... Read more
The Weird Obsession With Freedom

This is the editorial from the Autumn 2021 edition of the IPA Reviewby Editor of the IPA Review, Scott Hargreaves. A Table of Contents can viewed here. IPA Members receive a print edition and online versions of articles are progressively released in... Read more