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Jennifer Marohasy and John Abbot investigate what the world’s climate would be like if the Industrial Revolution never happened. What if there’d never been an industrial revolution? What if the ‘dark satanic mills’ decried by William... Read more

Mega-popular music artist Kanye West caused mass outrage with a series of Twitter posts in April 2018. The controversial rapper wore a Trump-style Make America Great Again cap and expressed his support for black conservative activist Candace... Read more

One of the world’s most influential rap musicians, Kanye West is notorious for his colourful and often outlandish public persona. But nothing in West’s career of some 20 years has been as controversial as his revelation that he is – quelle... Read more

It is time to change laws that are restricting religious liberty, an essential feature of freedom and liberal democracy, argues Morgan Begg. (this article first appeared in the August 2018 edition of the IPA Review) Australian courts have... Read more

What can Australia learn from middle America? Gideon Rozner heads deep into Iowa to find out (This article first appeared in the August 2018 edition of the IPA Review. PDF of article here.) Even by the standards of smaller airports in... Read more

The more government regulates its people, the more it fails them, writes David Kemp. Understanding regulation – its sources and its consequences – lies at the very heart of the debate about the desirable role of government, for it is the... Read more

Australia has much to lose in the looming global trade war, writes Matthew Lesh. Protectionist rhetoric by United States President Donald Trump threatens a new global trade war on a scale not seen since the 1930s. Trump’s push for aluminium... Read more

Tribalism is splitting the United States down cultural and political lines, and Matthew Lesh fears Australia is heading in the same direction. As the infamous author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua was typecast as a Chinese American... Read more

Stephanie Forrest traces the roots of the English parliamentary system back to the early Middle Ages, exploring the unique features of a key feature of our own liberal democracy. Today, parliamentary democracy is widespread and takes many forms.... Read more

When politicians are tempted by a big vision, fiscal prudence is rarely front of mind. Once there are nine or more digits after the dollar sign, the numbers are so ridiculously large that politicians lose their grip on everyday logic and fiscal... Read more

There is finally an international movement against the most silent of killers – single use plastic straws. You may know this killer. You may even trust this killer, calmly sending liquid to your mouth without a fuss. But beneath the innocent... Read more

A new Richard Nixon biography uncovers more murky behaviour by the controversial president, writes Richard Allsop. Richard Nixon has already been the subject of plenty of biographies, but his controversial career and complex character continue to... Read more