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All of us interested in politics, and especially those who are thinking about a political career, need to decided what kind of politician we want to be. George Reid’s career raises many of the big issues, including one of the biggest: what if you... Read more

Around 23 per cent of Australians gave their primary vote to minor parties and independents at the July federal election. This is the highest number since the formation of the Liberal Party and the three party system at the end of the Second World... Read more

Ever wondered why coffee sometimes spills when you walk? What’s that? You’ve literally wondered that every waking second of your life? The endless pursuit of the truth has left you unemployable and you have found it impossible to maintain... Read more

 Critiquing the idealism of Marxist intellectuals reveals the failures of leftist thought since the mid-20th century, writes Scott Hargreaves To judge Roger Scruton by his demeanour and suitably tweedy appearance, it would be easy to assume he... Read more

 The failed use of cybernetics to save the Soviet command economy acts as a cautionary tale for building the future connected network, writes Daniel Wild The story of the failed attempt to save the Soviet command economy using cybernetics (the... Read more

Why are there certain times in history when so many geniuses inhabited the same city and changed the world together? Writes James Bolt On the 25th of January 1504 a meeting was held in Florence to decide where to display Michelangelo’s latest... Read more

The outcry associated with Trump fundamentally misunderstands right-wing politics, writes Andrew Bushnell   Since the Second World War, right-wing politics in the United States has been dominated by an order of intellectuals, commentators, and... Read more

 What historical events got the West to a position today where it can worry about patchy growth wihthin a material world of unprecedented riches? writes Mikayla Novak Patchy signs of economic recovery in Australia and the rest of the Western... Read more

Is the so-called political heyday really the decade that transformed the country? Writes Richard Allsop You could probably write a history of any decade in the nation’s 20th century and give it the sub-title ‘the decade that transformed... Read more

A new exemption class over corporate regulation might be a better approach to innovation policy, write Sean Leaver and Jason Potts There are already a number of different regulatory types of firms available, such as sole-trader, partnerships,... Read more

Despite increased understanding of natural multi-decadal climate variability,climate scientists have by and large ignored this in their public commentaries, writes Professor Stewart Franks Over the last few years we have witnessed widespread... Read more

 The illiberal nature of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act has serious ramifications for free society; write Joshua Forrester, Lorraine Finlay, and Augusto Zimmermann If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does... Read more

Political correctness runs rampant on campus as research shows that free speech is now under attack at Australian universities, writes Matthew Lesh In October 1951 University of Melbourne vice-chancellor Charles Lowe proposed restricting the use... Read more

The new wave of political correctness propagates a culture of social media outrage and public shaming, writes Elle Hardy  The charge of cultural appropriation was brought, and the students at Ohio’s prestigious Oberlin University soon became... Read more

The unexpected success of Brexit and the policy possibilities of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union raises what might be the most important question of the twenty-first century: can the red tape state be unwound? The original idea... Read more