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This article first appeared in the April 2017 edition of the IPA Review and is written by IPA Adjunct Fellow Darcy Allen. A provocative speaker at the 2016 World Architecture Festival has thrown his politically correct industry into a tailspin... Read more

Aristotle’s conception of human flourishing – Eudaimonia – is best understood by looking at a life lived without it, writes Daniel Wild. Over 2500 years ago Aristotle taught the ultimate goal of human life is to achieve Eudaimonia, which we... Read more

Australia’s bloated bureaucracy stems back to colonial days and just keeps getting bigger, writes William Coleman. ‘Public Servant’—in the sense of ‘government employee’—is an Australianism that originated in the earliest days of... Read more

Paul Keating’s economic reforms put today’s poll-driven politicians to shame, writes Richard Allsop. Almost a decade ago, the IPA Review published a cover story about Paul Keating headlined ‘What we miss about Paul’. In the article, Greg... Read more

In the two centuries after 1500, the educated elite of Western Europe began embracing a culture of growth. Scholars and scientists came to believe that continued economic progress was achieved through the virtuous pursuit of knowledge, judging new... Read more