Greens Are Dead Wrong

18 January 2022
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Green activists will be the death of us all if they achieve their destructive aims, argues award-winning geologist and best-selling author, Ian Plimer.

If green activism achieves its aims, the Third World will remain in poverty. Western countries will become impoverished and even more reliant on China, which uses climate change as a weapon against the West. Many green leaders have an unhealthy obsession with death, killing, catastrophes, totalitarianism, and restriction of freedoms. Green leaders are anti-environment, hypocritical and fraudulent, and use green policies to make money for woke Western businesses and China. If green activists were actually concerned about their fellow humans and the environment, they would support cheap, reliable, 24/7 electricity generated by fossil fuel and nuclear fission.

Over the last 50 years, global per capita GDP, longevity, health, crop land productivity and forests have increased due to technology, use of fossil fuels, and a slight increase in plant food in the air. We are now feeding more people from less land. Global pollution has decreased. The planet is improving. Wealth has solved environmental problems, not greens. Coal brought people out of grinding poverty and misery in the Industrial Revolution, and later hundreds of millions of Chinese out of crippling poverty. Policies of green activists attempt to reverse these gains.

It has never been shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) drive global warming. Notwithstanding, Australia sequesters more CO2 than it emits. If green activists or school children on strike are to be taken seriously, they should demonstrate in Tiananmen Square against the world’s biggest emitter of CO2, and should give up the use of all electronic equipment.

Mining and export of coal, iron, uranium and other minerals keeps Australia solvent. If green activists want to maintain a society that supports social security, subsidies and green schemes, they must be loud public supporters of mining and emission-free nuclear power. Otherwise, they are hypocrites. Australia has 24 coal-fired power stations compared to the planned and existing plants in China (3,543), India (1,036), and the EU (495).

Civilisation advances one coal-fired power station at a time. Closing Australian power stations will have no effect whatsoever on global CO2 emissions.

Climate ‘science’ ignores the scientific method.

The long march of the left through schools and universities has produced green activists and a generation that cannot write, read, calculate, think, solve problems, and look after themselves. They have no knowledge of the past, Western Civilisation, science, critical thinking, and the brutalities of previous communist and socialist regimes. When green activists, politicians and celebrities live in caves as sustainable hunter-gatherers, we may seek their advice. While they travel around the world in private jets to chastise us for our emissions of CO2, they are hypocrites.

Climate ‘science’ ignores the scientific method, as does climate ‘science’ peer (or pal) review. Consensus and settled science are terms to enforce green activist and political certainty. These are not words of science. Climate ‘science’ is not in accord with what is known from the geological past, archaeology, history, and experiments. Climate ‘science’ is one method of promoting government policy, the UN, and beneficiaries such as China, Russia, and many Western businesses. Global climate will not change by gifting more money to the UN.

In the past, climate changed due to tectonic, galactic, orbital, solar, ocean, and lunar cycles. Past climate changes were not driven by CO2. Nothing has changed. Ice has been on the planet for less than 20 per cent of time. Each of the six great ice ages started when atmospheric CO2 was higher than now. Ice sheets wax and wane, sea ice comes and goes, sea levels rise and fall by more than 600 metres, and life diversifies after ice ages. We are currently in the interglacial warm phase of an ice age that started 34 million years ago. There have been hundreds of warming and cooling cycles in our current ice age, with temperature changes of up to 15°C. Why should a total 0.8°C increase during a period of rising and falling temperatures over the last century drive us to oblivion?

The Earth has been warming since the cold Maunder Minimum in the Little Ice Age 350 years ago. Which part of this warming is natural, and which part is due to human emissions of CO2? If human emissions of CO2 drive global warming, why wasn’t there cooling as a result of the massive decrease in human emissions in the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2008) and the COVID-19 crisis (2020-2021)?

Past climate changes were greater and more rapid than those measured today, CO2 in air increased after natural warming, and humans and other life thrived when the temperature and sea level were higher. There have been at least 26 periods of significant global warming over the last 2.6 million years. The Greenland ice sheet shows 40 warmings over the last 500 years. Why is the current slight warming any different?

Reefs have appeared and disappeared for 3,700 million years. The Great Barrier Reef has appeared and disappeared 60 times over the last three million years. There have been five major mass extinctions of complex life, more than 20 minor mass extinctions, and the number of species on the planet is increasing despite species turnover. Cold climates kill life.

The oceans are heated from below and above, the amount of submarine volcanic heat and volcanic CO2 added to the oceans is monstrous and yet ignored by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The underestimation of CO2 by the IPCC from unseen sources means the IPPC’s estimate of the human contribution of 3 per cent of total annual CO2 emissions is far too high. Why does this purported 3 per cent drive global warming, but the 97 per cent of natural emissions not drive warming?

Not one prediction about the end of the world has happened. If only one prediction were correct, we would not be here. Not one green activist prediction about the world being wiped out by environmental pollution, famine, or over-population has occurred. In fact, the opposite has occurred. Climate ‘scientist’ predictions in the 1970s about an impending ice age in a few decades were all wrong. Many of the same people who made predictions about a forthcoming ice age are now making predictions the world will end by global warming. Green activists’ predictions about drought were hosed down shortly after by massive rains and flooding.

Green activism has turned forests into blackened wastelands.

A number of green activists are advocating show trials followed by the death sentence for scientists who do not agree with the global warming hysteria. They argue global warming is so great that democracy will have to be placed on hold. No climate ‘scientists’ make public statements against such opinions or against those who shot up the office of an eminent colleague who does not share their view. Time has shown predictions made just before the Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings about how a climate catastrophe is upon us, how we have days, months or years left and if we don’t act immediately then we are doomed have all been wrong. Not one prediction has eventuated.

Ships packed with climate ‘scientists’, a compliant press and tourists have sailed into polar waters to show polar ice is melting because of global warming. They have all been stuck in thick sea ice and had to be rescued by fossil fuel-burning aircraft and ships. Green activist Al Gore uses nearly 40 times as much energy as the average American, flies around the world in CO2 emitting jets to tell us that we are all doomed and must reduce our emissions. While warning us that the sea level will rise by six metres, he buys waterfront mansions. A UK court has ruled that Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth (2006) was a crusade to make a political statement and contained fundamental errors of fact.

Publication of poor quality, hoax and scam papers in the peer-reviewed literature characterises some areas of scholarship. In the physical sciences, the alleged gold standard of peer review may not be a measure of quality and is greatly influenced by the bias of editors and reviewers. The Greens claim that whatever happens today is unprecedented and can only be due to climate change. This is deliberate deceit. Chronicles of past more catastrophic events such as bushfires can be found with a 30-second smartphone search. Green activists knowingly ignore information to pursue political rhetoric.

Regular Aboriginal firestick burning of temperate forests prevented catastrophic bushfires for thousands of years in Australia. The same method was used in Africa, Canada, and the US. Almost 100 enquiries after catastrophic fatal bush fires have recommended fuel-load reduction by regular winter small cold burns. This has not been done because of green activist regulations, deliberate inaction, and green pressure resulting in catastrophic high-intensity fires in summer. Far too many fires start in inaccessible national parks but do not stay there, resulting in the inevitable killing of people and wildlife, and destruction of forests and property. Most fires are started by arsonists and lightning. Human stupidity has also started many fires. There is no relationship between climate change and forest fires.

Green activism has turned forests in the US and Australia into blackened wastelands, with billions of trees and at least a billion animals killed with each catastrophic fire. This shows the green activists have no concern for the environment, and are only interested in trying to gain political points and more funding from disasters.

Drought is normal, the biggest droughts were before industry emitted CO2, and mega-droughts up to 300 years long changed human history. Mega-droughts are most common during periods of glaciation, not warm times. The dustiest, wettest and hottest days took place well before you were born and are unrelated to human emissions of CO2.

The dash to renewables is the biggest financial scam in history.

Floods inundate flood plains which are long-term sediment deposits from large floods, all of which exceeded anything experienced in your life. Modern catastrophic floods are inevitable and exacerbated by human mismanagement and are unrelated to human-induced climate change.

A claim that human emissions of CO2 lead to ocean acidification is misleading, deceptive and deceitful. Due to a diversity of causes, the sea level rises and falls, as does the land level. Pacific island nations on atolls have increased in land area and have not been inundated. The sea level has dropped over the last 4,000 years. Rates of sea level changes at present are no different from the past.

Reefs have been on Earth 3,500 million years, coral reefs have been around for 650 million years and past reefs have died due to sea level fall and sediment and volcanic ash inundation. The 2,000-km long Great Barrier Reef comprises 3,000 reefs built on dead coral 50-100 metres thick. It is dynamic, has migrated, has died and recovered five times in the last 30,000 years, and is not threatened by a higher CO2 content in the atmosphere, by sea level rise or ocean temperature rise. Farming and coal mining inland from the Great Barrier Reef have no effect on the health of the Reef. Many scientific studies on the Great Barrier Reef cannot be replicated, are of poor quality, and vital data is withheld.

Extreme weather events and fatalities have decreased over the last 100 years. Extinction is normal, there is a constant turnover of species, and the number of species, genera and families of life continues to increase over time.

Renewables use concrete, metals, plastics and rare earth elements. Production of these commodities results in massive pollution and more CO2 emitted into the atmosphere than renewables would save. The energy used to make wind and solar generators is far more than they will produce in their lifetime. Coal-fired generators emitting CO2 must operate 24/7 as backup for renewables for when the weather changes and at night, resulting in no reduction of CO2 emissions.

Turbines change local weather, change rainfall, destroy bird and bat populations, start bushfires, damage human health, and don’t produce electricity when needed. Turbine blades and solar panels are dumped after their short life, resulting in heavy metals and toxins leaking into the soil, water, and air. Renewables companies do not have environmental bonds for cleaning up their mess at the end of the project life. If any industry killed wildlife, destroyed forests and polluted the air, water and soil as much as the renewables industry, they would be closed down. Opaque sweetheart deals with bureaucrats and governments allow the renewables industry to continue. Forests have been clear felled and food-producing land has been sterilised for wind and solar generation.

If city-based green activists want clean, green, safe, renewable energy, then wind and solar generators should be placed in cities to minimise voltage losses and costly grid rebuilding. Streetwise renewables companies have conned naive green bureaucrats and politicians with little life experience into long-term subsidies for inefficient, variable and horrendously expensive energy production based on the weather. Renewables companies are in the business of making money, not saving the environment. Wind and solar energy are not free, they can only survive on generous subsidies, and the increased energy costs cripple families, businesses and the economy while backed up 24/7 by fossil fuel-generated electricity.

Electric vehicles are toys for rich virtue-signalling city residents.

Electricity prices have tripled as a result of renewables. Money from the poor has been transferred to the rich. Productive energy-intensive industries have closed and unemployment has increased. Germany, the UK, Texas, California and South Australia had catastrophic lethal and financially-crippling blackouts when the weather changed. No modern industrial economy can survive on renewables. The dash to renewables is the biggest financial scam in history. China is laughing all the way to the bank.

The manufacture and charging of electric vehicles (EVs) produces 11-28 per cent more CO2 emissions than for an equivalent diesel vehicle. EVs use far more metal than conventional cars. EVs are a toy for rich virtue-signalling city residents who occasionally drive short urban trips. EVs survive on subsidies and subsidised infrastructure, overload the grid during charging, cannot be used in grid-locked traffic or for long distances, and regularly catch alight. If countries change to 100 per cent EVs, then grids are unable to cope because 70 per cent of all electricity will be used for charging cars. The metals for 100 per cent EVs have yet to be found. EV owners knowingly support child slave labour in the Congo to produce cobalt, devastation of tropical rainforests to produce nickel, and totalitarianism for lithium battery production in China.

When the weather stops renewable energy generation, extremely expensive mega-battery hubs will give a few minutes of electricity. Regular lithium car and mega-battery fires emit toxins such as lethal hydrofluoric acid and take days to extinguish.

Proposals to reinvent hydrogen power ignore the Laws of Thermodynamics. Hydrogen needs to be manufactured with at least 30 per cent energy losses, extraordinarily high capital costs and operating costs, and unthinkable safety risks. It has been tried before and failed.

The poster child for green activists is a poor little autistic, ill-educated, fragile Swedish child. She is abused by her parents, minders, manipulators, and conferences of world leaders. Every speech is written by evil green activists who have stolen her childhood for their political purposes and used her as a cash cow.

Global temperature measurements have been altered, ‘homogenised’ and ignored to make it appear that temperature has been increasing over time. Records are poor and inaccessible. The keepers of the primary data have tampered with it so much that it is useless. Changes in temperature are within historical variability of ± 3.5°C, hence there is no climate crisis or emergency. CO2 measurements could also be unreliable. Climategate emails show climate ‘science’ and IPCC models are underpinned by long-term fraud. IPCC reports cherry pick scientific information, their models are unrelated to real world measurements and errors, rely on unvalidated assumptions, and mistakes continue.

COP talk fests have nothing to do with climate or the environment, but are UN-sponsored meetings to extract money from countries which do not protect their economy, freedoms, and sovereign risk. Net Zero, zero carbon and other uncosted clean green schemes are underpinned by the biggest scientific fraud in history. The hollow words by dreamers promote new business schemes to extract even more money from consumers via higher costs, subsidies, tariffs, and penalties. There will be severe impacts upon already inefficient unreliable electricity systems that threaten food, industrial, and military security.

Such ideology is supported by a scientifically ignorant fawning media of fellow travellers who have corrupted free speech, free inquiry, and democracy.

Ian Plimer prepared this article for IPA Review as a summation of key points in Green Murder, out now from Connor Court Publishing.

Professor Ian Plimer is Australia’s best-known geologist, and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. He has had a mineral and a spider named after him, and is renowned as an outspoken critic of climate change and creationism.

This article from the Summer 2021 edition of the IPA Review is written by award-winning geologist and best-selling author, Ian Plimer.

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