The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 96 with Dr Stephen Hicks and Andrew Bushnell

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12 February 2019

We are in deep, deep mourning as Tony Jones confirms he will be stepping down from Q&A, but now beings the people’s campaign to get Nina to host. There’s more stories of police arresting people for tweeting in the UK, Alexandria Orcasio Cortez’s New Green Deal goes off the rails and PragerU files a new lawsuit against YouTube and Google in the fight against deplatforming. We talk to philosopher Dr Stephen Hicks ahead of his tour of Australia about postmodernism, its effect on university campuses and why he’s optimistic about the future (19:08-34:22). We also talk to IPA Research Fellow Andrew Bushnell about his new article on increasing incarceration and what can be done about it, and why this year’s likely Best Picture Oscar winner isn’t worthy (34:26-50:44).

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