The Young IPA Podcast Episode 182: State Of Emergency

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25 August 2020
The Young IPA Podcast Episode 182: State Of Emergency - Featured image


Daniel Andrews wants state of emergency powers to last another 12 months, border closures continue to create economic and social chaos, the truth emerges about the amount of infected people breaking restrictions in Victoria, federal Parliament can actually sit (who would have thought) and hotel quarantine workers were trained in diversity, not in infection control. (0:0021:29)

Heroes and villains this week include Dominic Perrotet, Professor Carl Heneghan, the Magda Szubanski ad and Meghan Markle. (21:2931:18)

This week we speak to Target Tori, the woman publicly shamed by a bluecheckmark on Twitter leading to the internet fundraising to give her a holiday. She tells us her heart-warming story and about her great movement Pause Be Kind (31:3845:46).

We also talk to Gideon Rozner about the IPA’s new podcast and video series The IPA With You and what he’s hearing from Australians battling under restrictions. (45:4658:37)

At the end of the show, we have the pranksters who duped Kamala Harris by pretending to be Greta Thunberg, the farmer who was told to stick his sheep on an aeroplane to get around border closures, the DNC duplicating people in their zoom convention and after The Guardian sues The Grauniad for copyright, we put Pete to the test to see how good a parody The Grauniad is.

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