The Young IPA Podcast Episode 168: Coronavirus is over

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5 June 2020
The Young IPA Podcast Episode 168: Coronavirus is over - Featured image


The protests are coming to Australia, but police aren’t handing out fines in Victoria. Therefore, social distancing regulations are dead – so let’s celebrate. We also talk the HomeBuilder scheme and pork-barrelling, as well as Nine and Newscorp losing their appeal to not be held legally responsible for what’s posted on their Facebook pages. Likes and dislikes this week include the Hong Kong protesters, the man who told Scott Morrison to get off his lawn, police unions in the US and the Sydney council spending up to $1.7 million on a coronavirus statue. Satyajeet Marar from Reason joins us from Washington DC to talk about what he’s been seeing at the protests, the extent of the rioting and reforms America can make to improve the policing. At the end of the show, we discuss the Washington Post op-ed calling for an end of cop shows, Pete’s Not Fine Worldwide for the monkeys stealing (and eating) coronavirus samples in India, Ashton Kutcher and Emma Watson missing the mark on Blackout Tuesday and answer questions from the crowd.

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