The Young IPA Podcast Episode 144: Freedom Got Banned From QUT

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6 February 2020
The Young IPA Podcast Episode 144: Freedom Got Banned From QUT - Featured image

The IPA has been all over the media this week – and Pete and James break down the QUT Guild banning Generation Liberty from the university’s O-Week and the scandal of Mark Dreyfus getting public servants to hassle Tony Abbott and CPAC Australia cos he doesn’t like the cut of their jib. We’ve also got a leadership challenge in the Nationals and Pete bemoans yet another straight white male leading the Greens. Heroes and Villains this week include the British public finally getting to celebrate Brexit, the Deeners cricket club claiming a political scalp, Joaquin Phoenix reminding everyone he’s not actually The Joker and the Australian public for continuing to accept constant rises in alcohol tax like sheep. Baaaah! We talk to Generation Liberty Campus Coordinator at QUT Chris Dekker to get the full story about what happened at QUT, what it shows about oped debate at Australian universities and what his first television appearance was like (17:51-31:29), before he takes on Gideon and Pete in the quiz as Gideon goes for an unprecedented fourth consecutive victory (31:29-39:48). At the end, James and Pete try to figure out just what happened at Iowa and review a heavy favourite for best political moment of 2020, learn how you can spend $2,500 to be called a racist at dinner and after Matt Canavan loses his ministry, we try to determine if the YIPA Bump truly exists.

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