The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 127 with David Limbrick MP and Theodora Pantelich

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19 September 2019

James and Pete have the episode you need while you navigate the traffic of the climate march. We talk that, the University of Melbourne actively encouraging students to skip class, and then why half of Australia is not welcome at the ABC – especially if they’re Jacinta Price. Our heroes and villains this week include Marianne Williamson, drinking, The Guardian and Fireman Sam. We talk to Victorian LDP politician David Limbrick MP about Fiona Patten’s new free speech bill and the big win the LDP had on nuclear energy this week (17:04-35:51). We then talk to IPA Campus Coordinator Theodora Pantelich about the University of Melbourne’s stance on climate strikes and other horror stories from uni (35:54-45:17) before Theodora joins Bella and Pete for another round of Hey…What Did We Miss – one of the biggest quizzes we’ve done so far (45:17-53:44). At the end, we introduced a new segment called “let’s just wait 3 days” – the correct time wait to determine if an outrageous headline is true or not,, the city of Port Philip declaring a climate emergency…in Bangladesh, and we debate whether Joe Biden’s arch nemesis Corn Pop ever existed.

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