The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 125 with Renee Gorman and Bo Sergeant

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5 September 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 125 with Renee Gorman and Bo Sergeant - Featured image


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Brexit is in absolute chaos and James and Pete try to make sense of it. Finding none, we move on to the government’s exposure draft on religious discrimination and go through our heroes and villains of the week, including the world’s coolest fisherman, one of the cringiest questions ever from Q&A, UTS Engineering and Debra Messing. We talk to the IPA’s National Manager of Generation Liberty Renee Gorman about her new survey showing there is a free speech crisis at Australian universities and play Renee and Adam’s vox pop on free speech filmed at the University of Melbourne (18:07-33:00). After that is another round of Hey What Did We Miss? The YIPAP quiz with returning champ Bella squaring off against Pete and Daniel Wild. Then we talk to high school student and friend of the show Bo Sergeant about some of the stories coming out of Australian high schools recently and Bo shows us an incredible section of his politics textbook (42:19-56:03). After that we talk about the Perth vegan who took their neighbours to the Supreme Court to stop them barbequing and Prince Harry launching a sterling defence of private plane travel.

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