The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 124 with Rita Panahi and Willoughby Duff

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29 August 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 124 with Rita Panahi and Willoughby Duff - Featured image

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What you’re being told about Brazil isn’t true, and same for electric cars. But one thing is for certain – we should definitely be nuking hurricanes. James and Pete discuss this and share their heroes and villains for the week, including Katharine Birbalsingh, Dave Chappelle, the University of Queensland and The Economist. Rita Panahi joins the show to talk about being locked in Twitter jail, suggests the right should use the left’s playbook and tells young people they should go on cruises. James and Pete go through some more stories like the school banning rubbish bins, deepfakes and Pete’s Sky News debut where he makes them talk about cricket. We then talk to Q&A High School Special panellist Willoughby Duff about being on Q&A, what it’s like being interrupted by Tony Jones and the online reaction to him, before finishing the show with another round of Hey! What Did We Miss quiz with Pete taking on Dr Bella d’Abrera and returning champion Pat Hannaford.

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