The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 117 with Janet Albrechtsen

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9 July 2019
The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 117 with Janet Albrechtsen - Featured image

This week James and Pete recap some bad news for vegans everywhere, a Queensland mine safety committee being disbanded due to gender imbalance and how the Democrat proposal for an increased minimum wage will cost 1.3 million jobs. New segments for the show include Grunt the Pig Freedom Medal and the Asda Award for Tyranny recapping heroes and villains of the week, and Here’s A Cool Thing for the trade deal about to transform Africa and how the average person now is 4.4 times richer now than the average person in 1950. We speak to new Chairman of the IPA Janet Albrechtsen about why she’s excited for the new job, why she’s excited about Australia post-election, the Israel Folau saga and why there’s now a new precedent for guests of the podcast (17:18-36:23). At the end of the show is another new segment I Ain’t Spending Any Time On It for Ariel being black, a writer breaking up with a friend over a MAGA hat, a politician misspelling his own name on the nomination for Senate in the US, AOC getting in hot water on Twitter (again), how we’d fix Bob Brown’s anti-Adani fundraiser and the freakout about smoking on Stranger Things.

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