The Young IPA Podcast – Episode 109 with Evan Mulholland, Dr Darcy Allen & Professor Jason Potts

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14 May 2019

The election is days away and parties are throwing any policy promise up hoping it sticks. A law professor is fired for joining Harvey Weinstein’s legal team, an independent candidate for Kooyong wants to revoke press licenses for people mean to him, the Brexit Party are immensely popular in the UK and Pete Buttigieg stands up against identity politics. We talk to the IPA’s Director of Communications Evan Mulholland about the state of the election campaign, which minor parties are likely to do well and get his take on some of the main stories to come out in Australian politics (22:35-37:30). We then talk to Dr Darcy Allen and Professor Jason Potts from the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub who are in New York attending the Consensus 2019 conference about all things blockchain in 2019 and how blockchain could revolutionise Australian democracy (37:34-55:01).

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