The Young IPA Podcast Ep 172: The Fall Of Cancel Culture

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19 June 2020
The Young IPA Podcast Ep 172: The Fall Of Cancel Culture - Featured image

Nearly half a million Australians between the ages of 15 and 25 are not in full-time education and are not working – this is why we call for the easing of restrictions. We talk about the update from the ABS and also the latest victims of cancel culture – Colonial Brewing Co, Josh Thomas, The Guardian and the song Swing Low Sweet Chariot. (0:00-18:21)

Likes and Dislikes this week include the West Australian government’s new law stopping people going to jail for not paying a fine, Bob Katter dressing up like the Grim Reaper, Teen Vogue and Rick Wilson. (18:21-27:19)

Shadow Assistant Minister in Victoria Richard Riordan joins us on the show to talk about the Save Our Pubs campaign in Victoria, what he thinks of Daniel Andrews’ restrictions and breaks news to us about misspending from State Parliament on Victorian Roads. (27:19-47:32)

The Schlichts do battle again in the quiz this week as Pete seeks to go back-to-back (47:32-1:04:15), and at the end of the show we cover Dan Andrews throwing SA under the bus to distract from the scandals in Vic Labor, the Dems cringey photoshoot getting Well Actually’d, the Austrian man fined for farting and QANTAS, Virgin and other airlines no longer serving booze due to coronavirus. (1:04:15-1:12:45)


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