The Young IPA Podcast Ep 157: Dave Rubin

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28 April 2020
The Young IPA Podcast Ep 157: Dave Rubin - Featured image


Dave Rubin joins the show this week to talk about his new book Don’t Burn This Book: Thinking For Yourself in the Age of Unreason, the importance of speaking your mind and how not to listen to the mob. Make sure you enter the competition for a signed copy of his book! After the interview, James and Pete talk the rush to download the tracing app, state governments loosening restrictions and wonder why teachers and students are not back in schools – which gets contentious. Heroes and Villains this week include historically unprecedented silent deregulation, sports being back for five glorious hours, people simping for the new North Korean dictator and the obvious drawbacks of the Jobkeeper scheme. At the end, we have another round of Pete’s Not Fine and ask if Donald Trump was really being sarcastic when he wondered about the health benefits of bleach.

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