The Young IPA Podcast 196: James Lindsay

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1 December 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 196: James Lindsay - Featured image

Penguin employees revolt over Jordan Peterson’s latest book, COVIDSafe data ‘incidentally’ collected by intelligence agencies and the Liberal Party’s proposed ban on cash payments is quietly shelved. James and Pete discuss those stories and share their heroes and villains for the week, including Piotr Marklielau, the schoolkids protesting to learn about controversial views, the Denver mayor travelling for Thanksgiving after weeks of telling families not to and Twitter only factchecking Trump and not the Chinese Communist Party.

Cynical Theories co-author James Lindsay joins the show to discuss the book, postmodernism, how it has become so powerful today and what it holds for the future. (19:511:04:55)

At the end, White Fragility author Robin D’Angelo gets paid more than black speakers, an aux cord dispute brings down a political party, the new WA Lib Leader shares an embarrassing photo of himself and a monolith gets left in the desert then disappears.

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