The Young IPA Podcast 195: What Just Happened In South Australia

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24 November 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 195: What Just Happened In South Australia - Featured image

South Australia has one of the wildest weeks in political history and borders open and close across the country. James and Pete discuss all that and share Heroes and Villains for the week, including the Year 12s who got married so they could have 100 people at a party, the rebel Conservative MPs who may save Britain from lockdown, Gavin Newsom flouting his own restrictions and Boris Johnson committing to a petrol-free future.

We speak to Caleb Bond from The Advertiser about South Australia’s wild week, what it was like to be in the state as it locked down and how South Australians are feeling going forward (24:06-43:02). We also speak to Evan Mulholland about his viral article in The Australian on ABC privatisation (43:02-57:32).

At the end, Redskins try to go woke but accidentally name themselves after a serial killer, scientists are keen to see the world actually become The Planet of the Apes, Lewis Hamilton believes he should be the only Hamilton in the world and Jameela Jamil thinks men never think about being likable when its James’ every waking thought.

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