The Young IPA Podcast 192: No One Knows Anything – Recapping US Election

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5 November 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 192: No One Knows Anything – Recapping US Election - Featured image

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YUGE show this week with everything you need to need know about the US Presidential election (except of course, who won). Will the Dems steal it? Will Trump lead a coup? Is “Trump is racist” now dead? And if Trump loses, what will Trumpism be like without Trump? (00:00 – 27:19)

We talk to Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor at The Australian, about what will happen next, how divided America is, and the problems with the polling (27:20 – 52:42).

Then YouTuber and Sky News contributor, Daisy Cousens joins us with her take on the possibility of vote-counting shenanigans going on behind the scenes, why Hispanics voted for Trump and how to talk to young people about the dangers of socialism (52:43 – 1:13:51).

At the end we talk about the huge win for academic freedom the IPA and Australia had last week as well as do our heroes and villains – Grandma Wong, Charles Walker MP in the UK, the Oregon official reading out COVID-19 death stats in a clown costume and Vicpol (again) (1:13:52 – 1:23:34).

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