The Young IPA Podcast 190: Missing Kiwis & Inside Dan Andrews’ Press Conferences

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20 October 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 190: Missing Kiwis & Inside Dan Andrews’ Press Conferences - Featured image

There are Kiwis on the loose in Australia and fingers are being pointed everywhere. Victoria’s new roadmap continues to leave retail and hospitality out and the Western Australia border closure is under more pressure as the CHO admits to a Parliamentary Inquiry he thinks they should be open. In the US, Big Tech tries to suppress the New York Post’s story about Hunter Biden.

Heroes and Villains this week include Josh Frydenberg, Gideon Rozner for his article about Jacinda Ardern and all the reaction it received, the UN Human Rights Council is now officially a troll organisation and John Hewson continues destroying his “legacy”.

We talk to Sky News Reporter Gabriella Power about what it’s like at Daniel Andrews’ press conferences, how hard it can be to get him to directly answer questions and the #IStandWithDan brigade (28:58-51:13). We also talk to IPA Campus Coordinator Peumike Dissanayake about Generation Liberty’s debate with Socialist Alternative on capitalism v socialism including some very spicy after match exchanges (51:13-1:02:37).

At the end, Anthony Albanese explains a $1.1 billion policy to a four year old, it turns out debate moderator Steve Scully was NOT hacked and Gal Gadot admits her famous Imagine video “didn’t transcend” – James begs to differ.

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