The Young IPA Podcast 189: Two Governments On The Brink

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13 October 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 189: Two Governments On The Brink - Featured image


One of the all-time news days on Monday as Victoria’s top public servant resigning over hotel quarantine still isn’t the biggest news story as we all learn far more than we wanted to about Gladys Berejiklian’s personal life. James and Pete talk about those two stories and also the IPA’s new report into the long term effects of lockdowns on the economy and even the WHO saying lockdowns aren’t a great strategy.

Heroes and villains this week include The Great Barrington Declaration, the Nobel committee not being wrong about who gets the Peace Prize, Labor congratulating Daniel Andrews on 100 straight press conferences and Kevin Rudd’s Royal Commission petition.

We talk to Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor at The Australian, about the big week in state politics and the latest in the US election as Trump contracts COVID and the second debate is cancelled (28”23-1:00:26). We also talk to Dr Bella d’Abrera to discuss her chapter in the IPA’s new book Climate Change: The Facts 2020 and how her research led to an art project on self insemination no longer receiving public funding (1:00:26-1:17:29)

At the end, we break down the Bank of Australia banning users from gambling, the man who was going to moderate the next Presidential debate falling for the old “thought it was a direct message” and celebrities getting naked to get people to vote. Has anyone learned anything from Imagine?


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