The Young IPA Podcast 176: An Australian Hong Kong with Senator James Paterson

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14 July 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 176: An Australian Hong Kong with Senator James Paterson - Featured image

Victoria is in lockdown again, Pete proclaims Dan Andrews his most hated politician, and NSW are saying they won’t lockdown…for now. James is a little sceptical of the cancel culture letter making waves over the last few days and there’s rumours Facebook won’t allow political advertising in the lead up to the US presidential election. (0:00-19:24)

Heroes and villains this week are a brave Hong Kong scientist risking her life for the truth, our IPA colleagues getting recognised as Friedman Conference award winners, people bagging Scomo for going to the footy and Formula 1. (19:24-25:25)

In our interview this week James asks Senator James Paterson for a new Hong Kong in Australia. We also also talk about the government’s decision to allow visiting Hong Kongers to stay in Australia, the cancelling of our extradition arrangements with Hong Kong, Chinese colonialism, TikTok and the role of the Andrews government in the increase in COVID-19 cases. (25:25-46:42)

The finish off, the return of lockdown means the return of Pete’s Not Fine, The Guardian have done it again with a piece claiming buildings are sexist, and we discuss a very suspicious piece of correspondence received by Adam Bandt that definitely happened. (46:42-56:44)

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