The Young IPA Podcast 175: Chris Kenny & Dr Bella d’Abrera

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7 July 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 175: Chris Kenny & Dr Bella d’Abrera - Featured image

Note: Today’s episode was recorded before Victoria re-entered Stage 3 Restrictions.

Australia’s economy is threatened as Victoria is cut off from the rest of the nation, Queensland is set to open (most of) its borders, and Dan Andrews brings in public housing tower lockdowns seen only in China. (0:00-13:05)

Heroes and Villains this week include Terry Crews, nations taking in Hong Kongers escaping the CCP, the protesters insulting police for not going to university and calling a black police officer “Judas”, and Senator Katy Gallagher. (13:05-23:38)

Chris Kenny joins the show to talk about his interview with the climate activist apologising for stoking alarmism Michael Shellenberger, what it has revealed about the ‘Love Media’ and how Kevin Rudd singled him out for criticism. (23:38-41:42)

Dr Bella d’Abrera joins the show to talk about her new podcast series Five Favourite Books which is now live for IPA members. (41:42-54:46)

At the end, we discuss Kanye West running for President, yet another edition of ‘Stop Tearing Down The Statues Of People That Have Done More For Racial Equality Than You Ever Will’ – this time one of history’s greatest abolitionists Frederick Douglass, the arts critics resigning for being white and Prince Harry decrying institutional racism. (54:46-1:05:29)

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