Episode 131 – Amanda Stoker On Why Rights Don’t Come From The Government

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17 October 2019
Episode 131 – Amanda Stoker On Why Rights Don’t Come From The Government - Featured image

James is especially fired up this episode – everyone’s copping a serve! We talk about why Extinction Rebellion shouldn’t have to pay for a police presence and why their nudie run was a disappointment, the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize and why we’re about to have our 58th banking inquiry since the GFC. Heroes and villains this week includes the Iranian women attending a soccer game for the first time in 40 years, Blitzchung, Tony Windsor and Lebron James. We talk to Senator Amanda Stoker about her article in The Australian last week, what the role of government should be in religious freedom and how to save freedom of speech in Australian universities (20:0029:43). We then talk to Generation Liberty member Luca Rossi about getting abused by left wing activists at Monash unis and why so many migrants are attracted to liberty (29:4638:15), before another round of Hey What Did We Miss? With Pete defending his crown against Pat Hannaford and Kurt Wallace (38:1548:37). At the end of the show we discuss Harold Bloom, Just Wait Three Days for ABC News in America confusing a Kentucky gun show for the conflict in Syria, Virginia Trioli’s gaff, the Robot Cop that sings instead of stopping crime, the CFMEU saying construction workers in Queensland should go home if the weather is standard for Queensland and why the Victorian Liberal Party sucks.


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