The Young IPA Podcast 178 – A Sad Week For Freedom Of Speech

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29 July 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 178 – A Sad Week For Freedom Of Speech - Featured image


A huge blow for freedom of speech in Australia as the Federal Court finds against Peter Ridd – James and Pete break down why this is so important. In coronavirus news, the disease spreads to nursing homes in Melbourne and a BLM rally in Sydney is stopped by police. Josh Frydenberg says debt will grow to $850 billion by mid next year but he says he’s guided by Reagan and Thatcher, and the IPA and Australia have a win on the EPBC Act. (0:00-18:51)

Heroes and Villains this week includes Nicholas Sandmann settling out of court with the Washington Post, the Wall St Journal standing up to cancel culture, Netflix only spruiking social justice when it makes them money and the new podcast from The New York Times ‘Nice White Parents’. (18:51-31:31)

Gideon Rozner joins the show to talk about the Peter Ridd case, how the day of the Federal Court’s decision unfolded and the precedent it sets for freedom of speech and academic inquiry, as well as a look at the week’s news. (31:31-1:01:13)

Pete’s Not Fine brings a much-needed update on the man that drove 30km for butter chicken and the various Karens on social media. A radio host’s “chill dawg” at Trump ages terribly, a Sydney landmark may have tried to change their name from Captain Cook to Captain Paddington and Nancy Pelosi’s new nickname for Trump is a swing and a miss. (1:01:13-1:17:47)


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