The Young IPA Podcast 177: Parliament Won’t Sit & We Talk To Uighur Activist

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21 July 2020
The Young IPA Podcast 177: Parliament Won’t Sit & We Talk To Uighur Activist - Featured image

The federal Parliament won’t sit because of COVID but expects everyone else to work from home. Masks become compulsory in Victoria, horrifying footage emerges from China about the treatment of Uighur muslims, Labor MPs are calling for less green tape to get people back to work and Tony Abbott joins the IPA’s most recent podcast. (0:00-28:02)

Heroes and Villains this week include Princess Anne sending Pete further into supporting the monarchy, Bari Weiss resigning from The New York Times, Kristina Keneally saying mainstream Australian ideas radicalised Brendan Tarrant and the Queenland government looks to ban plastic straws. (28:02-42:17)

This week we talk to Almas Nizamidin, a campaigner for the rights of Uighur muslims and whose wife is currently in a forced labour camp in China. We talk about his story, the plight of the Uighur people and what the international response should be. (42:17-50:40)

Pete’s not fine returns for the man driving 30km for butter chicken, the teenagers dressing up as old people to buy drinks and Lorna Jane fined for saying their activewear stops the virus. Kanye West’s first presidential rally went as expected as he wants everyone who has a baby to get a million dollars and the US Fish and Wildlife department’s attempt at wokeness backfires. (50:40-1:02:33)

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