The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 67: Policing Under Pressure

10 June 2020
The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 67: Policing Under Pressure - Featured image

This week saw thousands of Australians breaking social distancing laws protesting racism. As more people vote with their feet and ignore lockdown laws, is the pandemic effectively over and what does this mean for lockdown laws? (2:15-16:29) The protestors in the United States are now advocating for the police force to be defunded. What is the place for the police in our society and what would reasonable reform entail? (16:29-30:45) At the New York Times a staff revolt forced an editor to resign just for publishing an opinion piece by a Republican Senator. Has campus woke culture taken over newspapers and is there still a place for legitimate debate in news outlets? (30:45-46:40) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Director of Policy, Gideon Rozner, to answer these questions as well as share their culture picks. This week’s picks include the Netflix series Space Force, Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson’s Narrow Corridor and Ian Kershaw’s To Hell and Back. (46:40-1:02:41)



Show Notes


How Pandemics End; Gina Kolata


NSW Police Minister Says Protests Larger than 10 People will be Deemed Illegal; Lisa Visentin and Dana McCauley


Calls to Cut Funding for Police Grow in Wake of Protests; Eliza Collins


Why Are the Police in Charge of Road Safety?; Alex Tabarrok


When Journalists Stop Believing in Debate; Damon Linker




Culture Picks


Space Force (TV Series)


The Narrow Corridor: States, Societies, and the Fate of Liberty; Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson


To Hell and Back: Europe 1914 – 1945; Ian Kershaw

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