The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 59: Only The First To Bail Out?

15 April 2020
The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 59: Only The First To Bail Out? - Featured image

Australia has been one of the most successful countries in reducing transmission of the coronavirus. Why are the Australian infection rates so low and what does this mean for policymakers and citizens? (2:44-22:37) Virgin Australia has asked the government for a bail out, what role should the government play in restoring the economy and how should this shape policy decisions? (22:37-44:25) Joe Biden is the presidential nominee for the Democrats, what went wrong for Bernie Sanders and what does this mean for the elections in November? (44:25-1:02:40) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Andrew Bushnell to answer these questions as well as share their culture picks for the week. This week’s isolation picks include the new album by The Strokes The New Abnormal, the American true crime documentary Tiger King and the Netflix Thriller Giri/Haji. (1:02:40-1:19:06)


Show Notes

Tackling Virus Risks Head On is Way Forward for Business; Scott Hargreaves

Coronavirus Australia: Worst Year Since Great Depression, says IMF; Patrick Commins

Australia’s endgame must be total elimination of COVID-19; John Daley and Stephen Duckett


Culture Picks

The New Abnormal; The Strokes

Tiger King


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