The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 54: The Cracks in Our Ivory Towers

11 March 2020
The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 54: The Cracks in Our Ivory Towers - Featured image

It’s the Looking Forward Podcast’s first special episode of 2020! This week our focus is on what’s wrong with our Universities, featuring special guest Dr Phil Magness from the American Institute for Economic Research and co-author of Cracks in the Ivory Tower.

Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg, are joined by the IPA’s Dr Bella D’Abrera to discuss with Phil Magness the pathologies evident in university teaching, research and social activism, in the USA and in Australia.

The panel goes inside Phil’s book and its application of public choice economics to explain bloated university administrations, rising costs, useless courses, and rent extraction by second-rate academics.

The panel asks when did higher education become a moral mess? Why are students fleeing politicised disciplines? And is the use of social media by academics corrupting the history profession?
Due to technical issues video of Dr Magness during the interview was not available.

Purchase your copy of Cracks in the Ivory Tower here:

Show Notes

Cracks in the Ivory Tower; Phillip Magness and Jason Brennan

My Most Notable Articles of 2019; Phil Magness

Here is Proof that the Leftist Tilt on Campus Has Gotten Dramatically Worse; Phil Magness

The Rise of Identity Politics: An Audit Of History Teaching At Australian Universities In 2017; Bella d’Abrera

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