The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 48: Sir Roger Scruton and the Truth in Conservatism

30 January 2020
The Looking Forward Podcast Episode 48: Sir Roger Scruton and the Truth in Conservatism - Featured image

The Looking Forward Podcast welcomes the new year with the first show of 2020! In the Books and Culture segment the panel discusses the legacy of the late great British Conservative Philosopher, Sir Roger Scruton, who addressed a symposium of the IPA’s Foundations of Western Civilisation Program in 2014. Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Andrew Bushnell and Dr Bella d’Abrera to explore Scruton’s Uses of Pessimism, his commitment to the ideals of truth and beauty, and his place in the conservative pantheon. (54:07-1:03:00) At the top of the show the panel examines whether the nation has locked in behind Australia Day, as the left rebels against Tanya Plibersek’s idea for schoolchildren to recite the pledge of citizenship (1:35-19:58) Also, the factors that contributed to the disasters of the fire season and why even the greens should be focussed on adaptation and prevention. (19:58-35:11) And finally, China has released a stream of misleading information regarding the coronavirus. What can we trust and what does it mean for Australians? (35:11-43:51). The other staff picks are the contemporary novel Fleishman is in Trouble, and the science fiction film Ad Astra starring Brad Pit (spoiler alert) (43:51-54:07).

Show Notes:

Tanya Plibersek calls for Australian children to take pledge of allegiance; SBS News

Roger Scruton on Liberty and Democracy in Western Civilisation

Left Behind; IPA Review

Culture Picks:

Fleishman Is in Trouble; Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Ad Astra; James Gray

Uses of Pessimism; Roger Scruton


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