Looking Foward Episode 45 – Westpac: Woke Capitalism And The Compliance State

27 November 2019
Looking Foward Episode 45 – Westpac: Woke Capitalism And The Compliance State - Featured image


The Federal Attorney General has proposed we treat social media companies as publishers. Will this punish Silicon Valley lefties or silence Australia’s conservative voices for fear of our crazy defamation laws? (1:59-24:04) As the CEO of our wokest bank, Westpac, taps the mat, what should we make of its bruising encounter with regulator Austrac’s over money-laundering claims? (24:04-37:12) Political parties are declining as social institutions so what does this mean for our democracy? (37:12-48:57) Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Dr Chris Berg are joined by IPA Research Fellow, Andrew Bushnell and National Manager of Generation Liberty, Renee Gorman to discuss these questions as well as divulge their culture picks including the new documentary Rise of Jordan Peterson, a new book on the sorry state of our Universities, Season 3 of The Crown and the movie that launched film director Michael Mann (48:57-1:05:21).

Show Notes:

Christian Porter’s defamation reform would be a catastrophic mistake; Dr Chris Berg and Dr Aaron Lane, Sydney Morning Herald

The Woke Bank Asleep at The Wheel; John Roskam, IPA Executive Director

Get out of your own way, Unleashing productivity; Deloitte

Regulatory Dark Matter; Kurt Wallace, IPA Research Fellow

John Howard warns of ‘existential challenges’ for Liberals and Nationals; Sydney Morning Herald

Culture Picks:

The Rise of Jordan Peterson; Patricia Marcoccia

Melbourne screening of the Rise of Jordan Peterson

CAMPUS MELTDOWN The Deepening Crisis in Australian Universities; William O. Coleman

The Crown Season 3; Peter Morgan

Thief; Michael Mann

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