Looking Forward Episode 81: RBG & After, Plus: Who’s Replacing Nettle?

23 September 2020
Looking Forward Episode 81: RBG & After, Plus: Who’s Replacing Nettle? - Featured image

This week saw the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and immediate controversy about who will replace her on the United States’ Supreme Court, as the Democrats invent reasons to stall the process. The panellists reflect on the career of a remarkable advocate and jurist, and examine how the Republican push in the Senate to confirm a Trump nomination as replacement will affect the election. If even Mitt Romney wants to do it, what’s stopping them? (2:12-35:50).

Likewise, Australia’s High Court also has some looming vacancies, due to the 72-year age of ‘statutory senility’ enforced on Justices of the High Court, with Justice Nettle soon to step down. Why aren’t Australians more interested in the choice of replacement shortly to be made by the Morrison Government, and – in light of controversial decisions such as Love/Thoms – do we need more scrutiny of the process for nomination?  (35:50-56:32).

Culture picks this week include BGG cold war board game, Twilight Struggle; Elena Ferrante’s novel, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay; and Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s TV series, Yellowstone season 3 (56:41-1:08:02).

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Show notes

Courting Calamity; Morgan Begg (IPA Review, Winter 2020)


Porter kicks off search for next High Court judge; Robert Pelly, AFR


Save the Vote, Save the Court; Adam J White, The Bulwark


Looking Forward Ep 74 Review of RBG biopic, On the Basis of Sex; Scott Hargreaves



Culture picks

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay


Twilight Struggle


Yellowstone; Season 3


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