Looking Forward Episode 73: High Court Next Step For Ridd

30 July 2020
Looking Forward Episode 73: High Court Next Step For Ridd - Featured image

Intellectual inquiry at Universities is under threat after the Federal Court overturned Peter Ridd’s initial victory in the Federal Circuit Court. What influenced the court’s decision and what does it mean? (0:00-26:24)

Welcome reform of Australia’s model defamation laws has been accepted by all states. How has defamation law been blocking free speech and what change will reform bring for media giants? (26:24-39:21)

As the joy of working from home begins to wear off, what will be the long-term implications of remote work on office policy, culture and economics? (39:21-55:43)

Your hosts Scott Hargreaves and Chris Berg are joined by the IPA’s Gideon Rozner to discuss these questions and share their culture picks. This week’s picks include the classic TV series’ Kath and Kim, Anne Applebaum’s Twilight of Democracy and Rick Wilson’s Running Against the Devil. (55:43-1:20:50)

Show Notes

Defamation law reform a ‘generational change’; Michael Pelly

Google staff to stay working from home until at least July 2021; Rob Copeland and Peter Grant

Working from home? You’ve just had a pay rise; Adam Creighton

Companies start to think remote work isn’t so great after all; Chip Cutter

Mobility reform key to offset youth jobs pain: Treasury; John Kehoe

Culture Picks

Kath and Kim (TV Series)

Twilight of Democracy; Anne Applebaum

Running Against the Devil; Rick Wilson

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