Ep 13: What Would A Liberal Vision For Australia Look Like?

17 April 2019
Ep 13: What Would A Liberal Vision For Australia Look Like? - Featured image

The election has been called, what would a truly liberal vision for Australia look like? (2:03-18:36) Julian Assange has left the Ecuadorian Embassy, should we be concerned about this, and what is at stake? (18:36-30:27) Israel Folau’s sacking by Rugby Australia raises an interesting question, what should liberals support in a battle between contract law and freedom of expression? (30:27-44:16) And Dr Peter Ridd’s fantastic victory for freedom of speech, what are the lessons for young academics out there? (44:16-50:57) Dr Chris Berg is joined by Andrew Bushnell, Daniel Wild and Dr Zach Gorman to discuss these questions and share things they’ve been reading, watching and listening to this week, including The History of England podcast, Ken Burns’ The Civil WarNarcos: Mexico and The Art of the Score. (50:27-1:02:40)

Show Notes:

20 Policies To Fix Australia

Peter Ridd Wins Biggest Victory on Free Speech in a Generation, Gideon Rozner

The History of England Podcast

Ken Burns: The Civil War


Narcos: Mexico


The Art of the Score Podcast


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