John Storey Interviews Casey Costello – Founding Trustee Of New Zealand’s Hobson’s Pledge

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14 April 2023

Recently, John Storey, Director of the Institute of Public Affair’s Legal Rights Program, sat down with Casey Costello, a founding trustee of the New Zealand organisation Hobson’s Pledge, to discuss the Māori Voice to Parliament – the Waitangi Tribunal, NZ’s experience with co-governance arrangements.

Casey Costello is proud Māori woman and an Auckland-based manager for a privately owned building services company and mother of two. She has a background of 14 years Police service, mostly in South Auckland, followed by a range of government and private sector management roles. Casey takes pride in her Ngapuhi and Irish/English heritage, valuing her large extended family and the examples set for her to work hard and give back.

Hobson’s Pledge was founded to ensure that all New Zealanders prosper and succeed and that they should be equal before the law, irrespective of when they or their ancestors arrived in New Zealand.

Casey’s insights into New Zealand’s experience with race-based co-governance and the failed Māori Voice to Parliament, the Waitangi Tribunal, are vital given the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum.

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