IPA Forum On The Voice To Parliament in Sydney

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13 April 2023
IPA Forum On The Voice To Parliament in Sydney - Featured image

Institute of Public Affairs research has shown there is a large and growing body of domestic and international evidence which demonstrates that the proposed Indigenous-only Voice to Parliament will be more powerful and have a much more divisive impact on Australian culture and society than the Federal Government claims.

On 22 March 2023, the IPA held a public forum to discuss the Voice to Parliament proposal. Attendees heard from IPA Director of Legal Rights Program John Storey, former Senator and Sky News Australia host Amanda Stoker, and one of Australia’s leading public intellectuals Dr Anthony Dillon.

Those present discussed how enshrining the Voice to Parliament in the Constitution would forever divide Australians and was not a modest request, as the Prime Minister asserts, but a dangerous demand that will create a two-tiered society along racial lines.

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