Throughout human history, freedom has been a force for good, lifting millions of people out of poverty. In a truly free society, individuals are in control of their own destiny.

However, the key institutions of our society responsible for the education of our young people are increasingly unable or unwilling to pass on that understanding or the key values of freedom. In our schools and universities curricula increasingly tell a radical story which denigrates the western tradition and seeks to further a social agenda inimical to individual freedom and the rights which are part of our heritage.

Yet our research shows the rising generation has a tremendous appetite for knowledge and experiences which are firmly grounded in freedom and the heritage of the West. We have therefore established the Generation Liberty program to reinvigorate the spark, energy, and passion of the next generation. Targeting those up to the age of 25, it bridges the gap between the next generation and the ideas of free markets, individual responsibility, capitalism, and democracy.

The positive response we have been receiving from young people has reflected what we found in our research. The last two years have been landmark years for Generation Liberty. In the past 2 years our campus coordinators have held over 35 events reaching over 2600 young people. The events topics varied and included our debate series on capitalism vs socialism, an event about the positive contribution mining and coal makes to our nation, and multiple events discussing western civilisation.

Key elements of the Generation Liberty program include:

Renee Gorman is the National Manager of Generation Liberty. Renee was at one time the campus coordinator at the University of Sydney, and gained a breadth of experience in her time there that she has brought to her role.

If you are interested in supporting the work of Generation Liberty, you can learn more about the IPA’s Project Hope group here.

Campus Coordinators

Here are some photos of our current campus coordinators out and about on campus and at events:

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