Radical New National Curriculum Rubbished

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20 August 2021
Radical New National Curriculum Rubbished - Featured image

The IPA welcomes Alan Tudge’s, Minister for Education, letter to the acting chairman of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Minister Tudge should be congratulated on his decision to not endorse the proposed curriculum as it stands.

The revisions proposed by ACARA to the Australian Curriculum are not revisions. Rather, they are a complete re-writing of the curriculum which presents a singular world view hostile to all aspects of the Australian way of life. It is deeply negative about our culture, our history, and our society.

The History Curriculum, which has been the IPA’s focus, removes practically every single positive reference to Australia and its history. There is no recognition that Australia is a successful and tolerant liberal democracy which in so many respects is the envy of the world. 

Research by the IPA has shown that the proposed curriculum will teach left-wing opinion as facts. For example, the proposed History curriculum presents an incendiary interpretation of indigenous Australian history, with students to be taught about “frontier wars”, “genocide”, “invasion”, “destruction of cultures”, “stolen generations”, and “massacres”, which destroyed the pre-existing “complex social, political and economic systems”. 

The IPA proposes that rather than amending or ‘revising’ the curriculum, it should be abolished altogether. This would allow schools and parents to choose their own curriculum in consultation with their school community, thereby preventing the curricula from becoming politicised.

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